Peregrine Manufacturing is now offering non-surgical safety masks. Please use the form below to place your order. For bulk orders of 50 or more, please email us at first.

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Shredder Standard with embroidery

Shredder Standard Black without embroidery

Shredder Standard Coyote Brown with embroidery

Shredder Standard Coyote Brown without embroidery

Shredder Ultra Light Weight with embroidery

Shredder Ultra Light Weight Black

Shredder FL (Featherlite) - Black

Shredder FL (Featherlite) - Coyote Brown NEW!!!

Shredder FL (Featherlite)
(Fire Retardant)

N95 Filtration
  1. As of 4/27/20, we will no longer be supplying N95 filter paper with our masks.  Unfortunately the donation supply has run out and we are no longer able to supply filters at no charge
  2. Please reference this video on the proper installation instructions for the N95 filter.
  3. N95 filters are cut to size by the customer and inserted between the layers to form the barrier.
  4. The customer should determine replacement interval of the filter based on individual usage and exposure risk level.
  5. Standard N95 masks can also be used as the insert,doing this will significantly increase the life span.

Fabric Care
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